All About Bejeweled Slot Game

The Bejeweled slot game was created by Cryptologic. It is a highly popular game, known for using coloured gems as its symbols. The game won’t blow any minds with its graphics or sound design, with the gemstones not looking especially impressive, and repetitive reel spinning sounds quickly getting old. What the Bejeweled slot game does offer, however, is extremely fast and exciting game play, with very easy to understand rules.

The coloured gems are very easy to identify, meaning that the player is never confused about how much they are getting paid out, or which symbols are matching with which other symbols in the play area. This system allows for highly strategic and focused play, with experienced players choosing the Bejeweled slot game over other more elaborate games.

In terms of game play a five reel, twenty betting line system is used, with betting lines manually adjustable between spins. This allows Singapore online slots player to raise or lower the betting lines as they see fit, which further adds to the strategic design of the game. Lets have a look at the symbol designs.

Bejeweled Symbols

The graphics have already been said as not being especially impressive, with each gem more or less simply doing the job of representing a colour. The square red gem is the most valuable in the game, and will payout the biggest standard payout upon being matched five times. A three time match pays out a great deal less, but will still be a welcome sight.

Next in line, in terms of value, is the diamond shaped blue gem. It pays almost the same as the red gym, but marginally less. Next we have the hexagonal green gem, which is a great deal less valuable then the red and blue gems, but still provides a good enough sum to be a favourite.

The remaining symbols in the game, and least valuable, are the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. They are likewise also coloured, but offer modest enough payouts that the player will likely not want to keep track of them. The key to the game, as the name suggests, is in keeping track of the coloured gems.

Big Gem Bonuses

The bonus games in the Bejeweled slot game is where the game really get interesting, and probably what makes Bejeweled a favourite among slot game players. The first it the standard wild symbol, which will match with all other symbols in order to create matching sequences. The second is the bonus symbol, seen as a grid of gems. Upon this symbol being matched the mini-game will start, which is extremely well known.

The mini-game involves gems falling into the play area from the top of the screen. The player must aim to match gems, which will make them explode, allowing new gems to fall into the play area. Each matching line achieved will grant bonus cash to the player, which, can be compounded if more then one match per spin is achieved. The mini-game is addictive, exiting, and very lucrative.