Overview of Cubis Slot Game

The Cubis slot game is created by Cryptologic. It is well known for having an incredibly unique play style, using not reels and symbols, but rather an arrangement of coloured, 3D cubes. Upon the player clicking to play the cubes fall in from the top of the screen, arranging themselves on the floor and wall of the play area.

In order to win, the cubes must form matching sequences according to colour, either horizontally or vertically. If a match is created the cubes will explode, allowing the remaining cubes to drop into place, and new cubes to fall from the top and fill the empty spaces. This means that multiple wins are possible per spin, making the game an exciting alternative to standard slot game variations. In terms of graphics the Cubis Slot game is well presented, with the 3D perspective of the game being convincing. The cubes themselves, however, are rather low resolution, and not especially creative.

This is a game about originality, however, and the slightly mediocre graphics are easily overlooked. The game uses fifteen lines on which cubes may be matched, and these lines may be manually raised or lowered by the player. The more lines are open, the larger the initial bet required to play.

Cube Values

The cubes in the Cubis casino slot game all but look completely identical, except for the obvious colour differences. The colour determines the value of the cube, however, so start learning to love colour based cubes quickly.

The most valuable cube is the diamond coloured cube, or silver, which will grant enormous payouts if matched. Note that since the game uses the afore mentioned multiple matches in one spin system, each cube may be matched up to a maximum of ten times, as apposed to the standard five times. The next most valuable cube is the green cube, followed by the blue cube.

These two colours are a great deal less valuable then the diamond cube, but will still give good payouts. The remaining cubes are purple, red, orange, and yellow. Lets have a look now at some of the interesting bonus systems.

Cube Bonuses

The cubis slot game is already an interesting game, but it becomes even more interesting when examining the bonus cubes. The first is the dice cube, looking very much like a standard dice. On each side the dice has multipliers clearly displayed. If the dice falls into a matching sequence the win achieved will be multiplied by the showing number on the dice. This unique and innovative bonus can be extremely beneficial to the online slots casino Australia player, so be sure to keep the dice in your line of sight. Next are bomb cubes, which appear similar to normal cubes, but are slightly bloated. If a bomb cue lands in a wining sequence it will explode, destroying nearby blocks in its area.

The open spaces will be filled as per normal, allowing more then usual new blocks to fall into the spaces. This allows, of course, for a greater chance a multiple wins being achieved in a single spin.