All About Bejeweled Slot Game

The Bejeweled slot game was created by Cryptologic. It is a highly popular game, known for using coloured gems as its symbols. The game won’t blow any minds with its graphics or sound design, with the gemstones not looking especially impressive, and repetitive reel spinning sounds quickly getting old. What the Bejeweled slot game does […]

Enjoyable Online Games and Casinos

Players want to experience the unforgettable atmosphere of a live casino at least a few times, but it’s not always possible to get to these establishments. People are caught up in their busy modern lives or are prevented by other reasons such as geography and far distance. This is where online games and casinos come […]

Overview of Cubis Slot Game

The Cubis slot game is created by Cryptologic. It is well known for having an incredibly unique play style, using not reels and symbols, but rather an arrangement of coloured, 3D cubes. Upon the player clicking to play the cubes fall in from the top of the screen, arranging themselves on the floor and wall […]

Dr Watts Up Slot Online

Another rather unique slot game from one of the top innovators in the industry, Microgaming. This is Dr Watts Up slot, and as the pun in the name suggests, this is a fun, science and lights themed game. The vibrant colours and fair degree of flash makes this another bright display from the developers behind […]